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Support my Sun Up Challenge for families of children with cancer.

When a family is told their child has cancer, what they hear is “your child might die”. Every day in Australia, three families hear those words. Not every child will die, but every family who faces childhood cancer is changed forever. Cancer puts families under enormous pressure. It can feel like it’s impossible to hold it together.

That’s why I’m setting my alarm to join Redkite for the Sun Up Challenge – to help provide emotional and practical support to families facing childhood cancer.

I’ll be taking action by running, walking and rolling every morning at sun up this September, to raise money that will help families pay the bills, access emotional support, and more. From day one in the hospital and for as long as it takes, your help ensures that families don’t have to face their child’s cancer diagnosis alone.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to my challenge. Your generosity will make sure that Redkite can provide even more families facing childhood cancer practical and emotional support and care.

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Sunup Challenge ✔️

Thursday 30th Sep
I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown.  The challenge may be done and dusted but I will always be thankful for all the beautiful morning walks with hubby and  that we get to do these walks everyday together. We are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place with pristine beaches, bike trails, boardwalks , bush tracks,  cliff tops and sea life. It’s the simple things that bring so much joy. 
Thank you so much to all my dear family and friends who so kindly and generously donated to this wonderful cause. Your gift will help families  that you even don’t know but they will be families like ours facing childhood cancer.  Redkite  through your donation will continue to provide support, advice,  fuel vouchers, goods and services for many families. So thank you 🙏🏻 👏🥰

Walk to Salt

Wednesday 29th Sep
This lovely walk give you a bit of everything. Starting with a beach walk then onto the boardwalk and finally the bike path to the village of Salt at Casurina. It’s threatening to rain so I’m glad we rose early to enjoy this part of the day. 

Beach sunrise

Tuesday 28th Sep
Well the sun is definitely rising earlier but we were just a tad late at 6:00 am.  It was low tide with nice hard sand for easier walking and no wind, some shells to find (but I didn’t take them) and a friend or two to chat to and thankfully not much litter. 
So lucky to be able to enjoy this beautiful beach each and every day. 

Beach walk

Monday 27th Sep
Cold, rainy walk on the beach. Not very pleasant but certainly crisp and  short. 

A walk to the South Side

Sunday 26th Sep
A grey, cloudy morning with a threat of rain. We walked to South Beach and we’re lucky enough to see our local Black Cockatoos. These birds are endangered and  have striking red markings on their tails. They also have a very haunting cry. We have yellow tail cockatoos in this area too. 

Beach walk

Saturday 25th Sep
A casual stroll this morning with more time fossicking for shells and plastic. It’s always a  good day when more cowries are found than bits of plastic.  There’s lots of  debris on the beach today. I think the the North-Easterly has been dumping  plenty of seaweed,  driftwood  and  shells on the beach. 

Beach walk

Friday 24th Sep
Another beautiful morning except for the northerly wind. Nevertheless it  was so lovely at this time, so crisp and fresh. Time is running out so I hope to  get a few more donations to this great cause. 

Fingal Head to Kingy Beach

Thursday 23rd Sep
This morning’s  walk was a little too slow and a little too short  due to sore shins so I decided to walk again  later in the day when my shins were happier. Hubby dropped me off  at Fingal Head and I enjoyed a lovely, relaxing, long walk home to Kingy. The sky and sea were so blue and the beach so deserted it was very peaceful. 

Beach side walk

Thursday 23rd Sep
Another beautiful morning and to our delight we saw some dolphins quite close to shore. We walked along the bike path and the the Boardwalk to the bridge. The Corellas were very chatty and again there were lots of walkers, surfers, riders and  swimmers making the most of this gorgeous morning. Hopefully the wind will stay away. 

Icy blast

Wednesday 22nd Sep
An icy cold wind made riding really hard this morning. The dark clouds meant a grey sunrise  and a threat of rain but it was invigorating. We  rode to South Beach and the surf was big with lots of surfers making the most of the good swell.  Hoping I can get a few more donations before the challenge ends to meet my target. 

Beach walk rescue!

Tuesday 21st Sep
A cloudy sunrise today but no wind as yet.  Our walk was cut short when we came across a seagull  sitting on the sand.  We thought it had a broken wing as it didn’t take flight even when I came right up next to it. Hubby went to get a box and we bundled it up in a towel and took it to the vet. Hopefully it will be  flying again soon. 


Monday 20th Sep
Just a little stroll today as my shins are  not happy from the arduous ride yesterday. Also  we ran into a few friends who were up for a chat. Nonetheless it was a beautiful morning and the creek was crystal clear with plenty of fish. 

Kingy cycle way

Sunday 19th Sep
Another beautiful morning and  scenic ride to the Cabarita turn off. I love this ride as there are amazing  sculptures along the path, glimpses of the ocean and lots of bird life plus it’s a good workout. A big thank you to my walking buddy and better half Geoff and the Thomas family for your very generous  donations. You have always been strong supporters in our family’s cancer journey ❤️

Walk to Fingal Headland

Saturday 18th Sep
Not exactly a sunrise walk as I waited for low tide to walk to Fingal. It was like walking in a sand storm. The northerly wind was whipping up the sand and I felt like I was taking 2 steps forward and 3!back but I made it. Note to self to get dropped off at Fingal and walk back to Kingy!  One end of the beach was deserted and the other end was a hive of activity because it was the dog beach. 

Lakeside walk

Friday 17th Sep
A windy morning meant we headed inland to walk around our local area.  We called into Noble Lake and spotted some beautiful black swans on the lake. Thank you to my two latest donors… Lance and Glenda your generosity is appreciated so much. 

Beach stroll

Thursday 16th Sep
A leisurely stroll along the beach this morning at low tide. The walk was made even more slower because of the amount of fossicking done! There were so many shells to find! The water temperature is warming up and it won’t be long before we’ll be swimming again. 

Double Donor Day

Wednesday 15th Sep
Tomorrow any donations made to my Sunrise Challenge will be matched by BOC. Thank you so much to those generous people who have already donated but I hope that we can reach my fundraising goal of $1500. So get behind this amazing charity Redkite and families living with childhood cancer. 

Walk to the wild side.

Wednesday 15th Sep
Walk to the wild  side this morning. Crisp and cool but such a beautiful time of the day.  South Beach was busy with people walking their dogs and big waves smashing onto the rocks and seawall   Mumma Osprey had a hectic time feeding her chicks who were very impatient. Life feels so much brighter now that we’ve  been able to see some of the grandies after lockdown. 

Lennox Head

Monday 13th Sep
The sun definitely beat me up this morning but a beautiful  day greeted us nevertheless.  A shorter walk in a different place along the beachfront at Lennox Head to help celebrate our beautiful granddaughter’s 3rd birthday with a happy catch up with little friends at the tea tree lake. 

Day 11 Boardwalk walk

Sunday 12th Sep
Blustery and cold this morning along the beach front but worth it to see whales breaching not too far offshore. The adults were teaching the calves how to tail slap… one big splash followed by a little one. 
Mother osprey was busy feeding her chicks and as it was low tide  I could see all the hollows made overnight by the stingrays in the creek. A beautiful morning 

Day 10 Kingy to Chinny ride

Saturday 11th Sep
The sunrise looked even more beautiful this morning, It must be because we’re out of lockdown. Kingy was a hive of activity with the  farmer’s markets back on and coffees shops  doing a roaring trade. I think the sun is rising earlier each day! It  was already up when I woke this morning. 

Day 9 Birthday Boardwalk ride

Friday 10th Sep
What a beautiful way to start off hubby’s birthday with an early  bike ride.  Glorious sunrise and chilly start to what is going to be a magical day and we are out of lockdown and able to cuddle some of  our beautiful grandies. 

Beachside ride

Thursday 9th Sep
Another chilly morning but it’s an invigorating  crispness. We ride along the boardwalk to the wild side (South wall) and back to the northern dog beach. The sunrise was shrouded in clouds but there’s a promise of a beautiful day ahead.  

Day 8 Beach walk

Wednesday 8th Sep
It was an icy walk on the beach this morning , so cold our toes went numb. The sunrise, however, made it worthwhile. Just a reminder of the wonderful work RedKite  do in providing services,  products ,advice  and  services to families living with cancer.  Please share my link to friends and family so we can make a difference. 

Day 7 Kingy to Chinny

Tuesday 7th Sep
The sun was playing hide and seek with clouds and was a little late showing it’s face  and it was a chilly walk to Chinderah this morning with an icy wind coming off the mountains.  It didn’t detract from the view of the Tweed river which was clear and blue. 

Day 6

Monday 6th Sep
Another beautiful sunrise and a  lovely walk to Salt at Casurina and back. (17klms) There were lots of birds… ducks, gulls, pelicans and bush turkeys.
 There were also plenty of people out walking, running,  riding and swimming in the creek. 

Day 4

Saturday 4th Sep
A wet and dreary start to the day but the sun eventually decided to poke through the clouds.  Spotted lots of dogs, ducks and the local swim club at the creek today. Have a great day!

Day 3

Friday 3rd Sep
A cloudy start to the day but a beautiful sunrise none the less. We rode our bikes to Fingal today (18klms) and  the Tweed River was  picture perfect. 
Thank you to all those amazing people who  have so generously  donated to this wonderful cause so far and those who donated via fb  and who’s names don’t appear on my Redkite page. 

Kingy to Fingal Beach walk

Thursday 2nd Sep

Day 2

Thursday 2nd Sep
Another stunning sunrise and a long beach walk to Fingal Head. 9.2 klms   So many interesting things to see along the way and at Fingal Head itself.  I love the Giant’s Causeway and it literally looked like a whale highway around Green Island.  Same distance as yesterday but took twice as long because one has to stop and look for shells of course!

Day 1

Wednesday 1st Sep
My faithful walking buddy was up and ready to see the sunrise this morning.  It was a foggy start to the day but finally we were treated to not only a sensational sunrise but also spotted a pod of dolphins riding the waves and a sting ray waking up in the creek. It’s such a beautiful time of day. 

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