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Let's walk and help support kids with cancer!

Every day, 3 Australian families are given the devastating news that their child has cancer. Each of those families' lives are changed forever and it puts them under enormous pressure. Pressure to make their child feel comfortable, feel safe, make sure their family is still running at home even though they are struggling to be strong themselves. Sometimes feeling like it's impossible to hold it together, REDKITE were there to help with household bills, counselling and emotional support.

It’s something our family never thought we’d have to go through but in 2019, our lives were turned upside down hearing our son Maxi's devastating diagnosis. He was only 5 yrs old yet we had no choice but to push through and endure the toughest 5 months - seeing the amount of new kids joining our journey everyday was heartbreaking, the treatment and watching our 5 yr old boy go through what he did was heartbreaking but everyone involved made it so special and allows these to enjoy their time in hospital. 

Walk with me this month and lets aim to raise as much as we can for this amazing cause. I have a link in my bio where you can donate and come along this walk with me.

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Simonetta Pagano



God Bless all the angels that have gone through this or are going through it.


Simone O

We'll never forget the moment we heard the news but we're so happy and blessed today to watch Maxi growing stronger and stronger! Such an amazing little boy! Love from the Orphins xxx


Zosimo Dos