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Sun Up Challenge 2021

I’m doing the Sun Up Challenge this September!

Please be my Sun Up buddy and support my challenge by making a donation. Your kindness means that Redkite can provide care for more families like mine. Thank you. Sophie. ❤ 🌞


Redkite allowed us to focus on her treatment and getting our precious little girl better. Support from people just like you helped create a miracle by keeping our family strong and together. Sophie’s doing really well now and she’s officially cancer free. Woohoo!!! – Christine, Sophie’s mum and Sun Up buddy.

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My Updates

Final Day of exercise 🏃‍♀️

Thursday 30th Sep
Today Sophie and Eden (beautiful SunUp team members) hid these very special rocks along our jogging path. Two kites and two suns in honour of the Redkite Sun Up challenge ❤️
We hope they spark joy for the people who find them. 🥰
We've loved the daily exercise during this challenge and we're so grateful for all the donations and support. Together we've helped to make a very big difference for families facing childhood cancer. Sophie is passionate about giving back to Redkite, who helped SO much during her battle with Leukemia. She will forever be a proud ambassador for Redkite. ❤️

Day 29 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Wednesday 29th Sep
WOW! The 2nd last day already! This daily exercise challenge has been wonderful! 🥰 The SunUp Buddies - Eden and Sophie have made us so proud with their commitment ❤️ Their brothers who have joined us for the adventures have loved it too ❤️
Today we had fun exploring the local caves and throwing rocks into the Lake 🥰

Day 28 exercise 🥊

Tuesday 28th Sep
This morning Sophie and her big sister Emily did a Muay Thai class via zoom. Their kicks and punches are getting stronger all the time 😍

Day 27 exercise 💃

Monday 27th Sep
Today Sophie had fun dancing with the Body Groove app 💖 It's wonderful how much you can learn online these days! Between zoom classes and apps - the inspiration and motivation is there if you want it 🥰

Day 26 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Monday 27th Sep
Today Sophie had fun exercising and playing at one of our local play-grounds ... I think she'd forgotten how much fun they can be 💖

Day 25 exercise 🥋

Saturday 25th Sep
Today Sophie and I joined in for both a karate and weapons zoom class.

Day 24 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Saturday 25th Sep
Today Sophie & Eden managed to fit in a walk even though it was Sophie's brother's birthday ... they're dedicated to this challenge. Great work girls!

Day 23 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Saturday 25th Sep
Today we had a bush-walk around the beautiful Lake Macquarie and had fun constructing a bush-hut when we reached a clearing 🥰

Day 22 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Saturday 25th Sep
Today’s exercise was a fabulous adventure exploring on a bush walk 🥰 I love how easily these 4 can entertain each other and have fun outside… this challenge has been one of the best things we could have possibly done during the lockdown- getting outside and being active with friends… it reminds me of my childhood 🥰 What a wonderful way to help raise money for Redkite ❤️

Day 21 exercise 🥊

Tuesday 21st Sep
Today Sophie and Emily did a zoom Muay Thai class together. Sophie is a novice at Muay Thai because she usually focuses on karate and weapons training - so it's fun for Emily to help her out - Emily has earned her 3rd band for Muay Thai.
The zoom classes have been a great opportunity for testing out different martial arts 🥋 We're very lucky to have so many classes to choose from every week!
There's 9 days left of the daily exercise challenge - we've got a bit more variety planned. We're having fun!

Day 20 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Tuesday 21st Sep
Today the kids had heaps of fun at the bike jumps in the bush … without bikes 😅😂 🤷‍♀️ Apparently running and jumping was entertaining enough because they were doing it for ages 😅😂

Day 19 exercise 🏊‍♀️

Tuesday 21st Sep
A beautiful day in sunny Valentine ❤️ so today’s exercise is back in the pool … I think she might have been inspired by synchronised swimming 🏊‍♀️ 😂 the swimming looked a lot more like dancing to me 🤷‍♀️😂

❤️ International Day of Gratitude ❤️

Tuesday 21st Sep
❤️ Today is the International Day of Gratitude ❤️
Every single day we're grateful that Sophie beat Leukemia and for the amazing support we had from Children's Cancer charities during her battle.
Redkite was there for us from Day 1 ... they really are a lifeline for families facing childhood cancer. They provide emotional support and connection as well as financial support for families who need it. This bag, full of essential supplies was given to us on the day Sophie was diagnosed - it was such a welcome relief on a dreadful day - I didn't leave the hospital for weeks and those supplies got us through those first few days of complete shock. It was so reassuring to know there was a charity that knew what we'd need and was there to provide a safety net for us 🙏

Day 18 exercise 🥋

Saturday 18th Sep
This morning Sophie joined in for a zoom class on traditional Okinawan weapons - called kobudo. It's a very rare skill these days and we feel very grateful to have the opportunity to learn it. Sophie particularly enjoys the bo staff.
Weapons training is an additional skill to add to our martial arts training. At our dojo (Pollets Martial Arts) you can earn a black belt in karate AND a black belt in weapons. Sophie is aiming to achieve both - which will take many years and a lot of dedication to training. She puts in 100% ALL the time. I know she'll get there ... this girl learned the hard way how to conquer big goals 💪
And I think this means I'm raising a lethal weapon!
#LeukemiaSheBeatYou #KarateKid

Day 17 exercise 🥰

Friday 17th Sep
The SunUp Buddies had heaps of fun with the hoola hoops! (There was lots of laughter when I had a go) We're having fun with lots of variety in the exercise we're doing 💖 Only 13 days to go! This month is going fast!

Day 16 exercise ❤️

Thursday 16th Sep
Today is a big day for us ... it's the 5th anniversary since Sophie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia AND it's Double Day thanks to BOC doubling every donation given today! We thought flying a kite in honour of all the help we received from Redkite was the perfect exercise for SunUp Buddies Sophie and Eden ❤️

Day 15 exercise 🥋

Wednesday 15th Sep
Today Sophie and I practiced self-defence combinations and take-downs as our daily exercise for the SunUpChallenge ☀️ Such vital skills - I'm so glad Sophie knows how to defend herself. P.S Our garage has been turned into a dojo - I don't think the car is EVER getting it back 🤣

Day 14 exercise 💪

Tuesday 14th Sep
It’s very wet here today so we were grateful for the Muay Thai zoom class this morning 😅 It’s nice to see some of their friends in the class too 🥰

Day 13 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Tuesday 14th Sep
This morning we went on a bush-walk before school… such a great way to start the week! We’re feeling very lucky that our local government area has so many beautiful places to exercise outdoors… if we have to be stuck in lockdown at least we’ve got a nice place to be stuck 😅 We’re loving this exercise challenge and have some more variety planned for the month… what a fabulous way to be helping raise money!

Day 12 exercise 🧜‍♀️

Tuesday 14th Sep
Today was a beautiful sunny, warm day so the exercise today was hours of fun swimming in the pool ... we're enjoying adding lots of variety to our exercise during the SunUpChallenge ☀️

Day 11 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Tuesday 14th Sep
Sophie enjoyed a lakeside run with Andy 🏃‍♀️ There’s something special about finding the motivation to keep it up even on days we don’t feel like it. Knowing we’re helping to raise money for families with a child with cancer who really need help from Redkite is the extra fuel to keep going 🙌

Day 10 exercise 🥋

Friday 10th Sep
Today's morning exercise was a zoom karate lesson. No one is ever going to mess with Sophie! Look at the determination on her face 🤩 💪 She's certainly going to know how to protect herself! Go Sophie! She's lucky to have a willing little brother to practice it on 🤣

Day 9 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Friday 10th Sep
Today the girls had fun hiding some painted rocks along the walk to help spread joy for R U OK day ❤️ Exercising together has made a massive difference during the lockdown 🥰 It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!! Helping raise money for Redkite, improving fitness and maintaining connection ❤️

Day 8 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Friday 10th Sep
Today we had a jog along the beach and celebrated a fundraising milestone! We've passed the $6,000 mark ... getting closer to the $7,500 target. A huge thank you to all the amazing sponsors and fundraisers in the team ❤️

Day 7 exercise 🥊

Tuesday 7th Sep
Today Sophie did a Muay Thai class via zoom and some extra punching out in the sunshine afterwards.
Sophie has been enjoying the challenge of adding some variety to her Martial Arts training. While we miss the dojo, the online classes during lockdown have been fun! Luckily we're very well set-up at home with lots of equipment (we're all obsessed 😅)

Day 6 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Monday 6th Sep
Day 6: Today’s SunUpChallenge exercise was a 3.5km jog and some jumping fun 🤩🏃‍♀️ These gorgeous SunUp Buddies are loving every minute of this challenge!

Childhood cancer awareness month

Monday 6th Sep

Day 5 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Monday 6th Sep
Day 5: Today’s exercise was a beach walk and fun exploring the rocks … a lovely family outing for Fathers Day ❤️ They’re lucky to have such an amazing Dad ❤️

The International Day of Charities

Monday 6th Sep

Day 4 exercise 🥋

Monday 6th Sep
Day 4: The International Day of Charities ❤️ Today was a massive day full of exercise for the SunUpChallenge ☀️ ☀️ Sophie started with a zoom class of karate with Emily 💕 ☀️ Then she did a zoom class of traditional weapons with Andy 💕 ☀️ Then she went on a 6km walk with a friend and had fun doing some gymnastics along the way 🤸‍♀️ ❤️ She knows that she doesn’t have to do so much exercise for the challenge but she’s been enjoying it and feels like it’s helping to make a bigger difference … especially today for the International Day of Charities 🙏 We’re definitely going to be fitter by the end of September 😀

Day 3 exercise 🥋

Monday 6th Sep
Today’s morning exercise for the SunUp Challenge was a karate class via zoom 🥋 We’re hoping the lockdown doesn’t last for too much longer, but we’re very grateful for the zoom classes in the meantime 🥰 Another day of exercise fun 🤩

Day 2 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Thursday 2nd Sep
Today Sophie and SunUp Buddy, Eden enjoyed a 4.5km walk / jog that turned into a treasure hunt! They found some beautiful painted rocks hidden along the path ... such a lovely way to spread joy for kids! Now the girls are on a mission to do the same for others 🌈

Day 1 exercise 🏃‍♀️

Thursday 2nd Sep
For the first day of the challenge Sophie was joined by SunUp Buddy, Eden for a 6.5km jog/walk by the beautiful Lake Macquarie. The smiles said it all! Such a beautiful way to start the day. We're going to enjoy this challenge - and get fit in the process!

She's got her confidence back!

Sunday 22nd Aug
One of the biggest challenges facing children with cancer is a loss of confidence. They miss SO much school (Sophie has missed well over a year of school and even now misses days ever term to go into hospital for her blood tests and check-up with her oncologist). Redkite to the rescue ... Redkite provides funding for tutoring to help the children get back on track. Sophie didn't have to repeat a year at school and got to stay with her friends ❤️ Now she's even got the confidence to perform in massive stadiums! Prior to lockdown she was lucky enough to participate in a multi-school extravaganza ... StarStruck! Thank you Redkite ... our little girl is getting a chance at a normal childhood now that Leukemia is behind her 🙏

The worst day

Sunday 22nd Aug
By far the worst day of Sophies battle with Leukemia was Christmas Day - 3 months after diagnosis. We nearly lost her that day - her little organs were struggling and they couldn't stop her heart from racing - it was incredibly dangerous. The Redkite music therapist was visiting the handful of children who were too sick to leave - the music calmed her and gradually her heart rate returned to normal - in time with the music. It was like witnessing a miracle ❤️ Santa also came to visit - you could see on the machines that she turned a corner after that! We got our christmas miracle and will be forever grateful for the kindness of strangers and the support from Redkite. We're on a mission to pay it forward during the SunUpChallenge ... we'd be delighted if you'd join us or donate and help us to help Redkite make a difference to sick children and their families 🙏 ❤️

Look at our little fighter now!

Sunday 22nd Aug
Look at her go now! She competed at the NSW karate championships prior to lockdown this year! We're looking forward to the Sun-Up Challenge to help make a difference and give more children and their families the support they need to keep fighting.

Over 800 days fighting

Sunday 22nd Aug
This memory popped up on Facebook today. Sophie had a few complications towards the end of her treatment, so it ended up being well over 800 days fighting Leukemia.
We're grateful every single day for the help from Redkite to make it through that time.
Fighting childhood cancer is a marathon, not a sprint and we needed all the support we could get to make it through it. 

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Christine Tylee

So proud of our beautiful girl - helping to make a difference and giving back to other kids like her and their families ❤️


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This is so great Sophie!! 🥋 🌟


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Your power and smile is pure sunshine and I want to thank you for always sharing that sweety.



Keep up the awesome work Sophie!


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Keep up the great work Sophie! Go for that goal 🥰


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Hi Sophie You are an amazing person. The whole world is so lucky to have such a strong and generous girl like you. Keep up the good work We are proud of you in every single way.


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You are my inspiration, Soph 🤗 I thought you spoke beautifully about the Redkite foundation and your difficult journey. You were such a little trooper! 👍 It was so lovely seeing your gorgeous smiling face today. (and Andy’s too!) Take care precious girl. 💕


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Sophie, remember you are one brave and inspiring girl. Hugs and love .


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Hi Sophie! We are so inspired by you. Sending lots of love & sunshine all the way from Niagara Falls New York - Your friends Lee & LaLa


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