Whether you’re running, walking or wheeling, getting out there at sunrise everyday will improve more than your health. By joining the Sun Up Challenge, you’ll be improving the lives of children with cancer during their darkest days.


Your Sun Up Challenge and fundraising efforts can help Redkite to change lives.

When a family is told their child has cancer, what they hear is “your child might die”. Every day in Australia, three families hear those words. Not every child will die, but every family who faces childhood cancer is changed forever. Cancer puts families under enormous pressure. It can feel like it’s impossible to hold it together.

Your fundraising will ensure Redkite can be there with real financial, practical and mental health support for families facing childhood cancer.


Every day in Australia, three families hear the heartbreaking words, “your child has cancer.” But what they really hear is “your child might die.” From that day onwards every family facing childhood cancer will be changed forever, because when a child is diagnosed with cancer, it affects the entire family – and we’re here to help.

Whether it’s through financial assistance to help pay the bills, book club to tackle tough topics, mental health support or bereavement support services, we help families hold it together when it can feel impossible.

In-hospital Support

Redkite Social Workers and Music Therapists help families navigate the difficult, and scary, cancer experience.

Financial Assistance

Redkite helps keep the lights on and food on the table. We cover bills and expenses when parents have to give up work.

Emotional and Mental Health Care

Redkite specialists provide mental health and emotional support through the entire cancer experience.

Building Connections

Redkite group sessions allow families share their experiences and connect to others.


"Jamie was literally a healthy, happy little kid. Never had a cold. Within two weeks of not eating well, not sleeping well and being sick – to be told it’s cancer, yeah, its a bit gut wrenching".

“It’s hard to imagine, you know, to go from such a healthy little kid to lying limp on a bed".

"To have that emotional support, to have the financial support from Redkite -  it’s insurmountable" - Nicky, Jamie's mum

Redkite is here to help families like Jamie's, with the practical and emotional support they need to get through.