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Sun Up Challenge 2022

Support my Sun Up Challenge for families of children with cancer.

Hey everyone, welcome to my Sun Up Challenge Fundraiser! As many of you know (and for those who don’t), this is a cause very close to my heart. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 16 and the battle was hard and intense. I’ve written more on this in a post called My Childhood Cancer Experience (you should check it out). 

Thankfully I had overwhelming support from this wonderful charity, REDKITE. Please keep reading for more information provided by Redkite about the fundraiser and what your donations will go towards! 

When a family is told their child has cancer, what they hear is “your child might die”. Every day in Australia, three families hear those words. Not every child will die, but every family who faces childhood cancer is changed forever. Cancer puts families under enormous pressure. It can feel like it’s impossible to hold it together.

That's why I am joining Redkite in the Sun Up challenge – to help provide emotional and practical support to families facing childhood cancer.

I'll be taking action by running, strolling or rolling while the sun is up this August, to raise money that will help families pay the bills, access emotional support, and more. From day one in the hospital and for as long as it takes, your help ensures that families don’t have to face their child’s cancer diagnosis alone.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to my challenge. Your generosity will make sure that Redkite can provide even more families facing childhood cancer practical and emotional support and care.

Please keep an eye on this space and my social media for more. 

Thanks for reading! 

Stay tuned, legends xx

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My Childhood Cancer Story

Thursday 14th Jul

Hi! My names Casey, and thanks for coming to my fundraiser page for Redkites Sunup Challenge 2022. 

This fundraiser is very close to my heart as when I was 16 I was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. At the time I was living in rural Queensland, and had to travel around 300kms to receive treatment and hospital care. 

Chemotherapy was a long and intense battle that caused me to be hospitalised for majority of my treatment. The expenses of medicine, travelling, housing and everything else in between are things we never thought of. 

Thankfully our family had an abundance support from Redkite. Not only did they provide financial assistance for essentials, they provided so many resources to support my education, psychological and physical well-being. 

Navigating cancer as a teenager is hard. You’re sometimes too old to relate to the younger children, but too young to connect with the adults. So where do you go? Redkite provides safe spaces in many hospitals for teenagers and other young patients to use where only they have access. This provides a space to freely express themselves, bond with other patients their own age or just have a quiet place to relax when everything is chaos. 

Being unable to attend school, Redkite provided me with resources to continue my education. They bought me a new laptop, offered tutoring and any support they could to ensure I wouldn’t fall behind. 

Redkite ensured I was receiving an abundance of support for both my emotional well-being. I had amazing counsellors to help me navigate this tricky part of my life I was in. They funded me to get a wig, and with that the opportunity to feel somewhat ‘normal’ again. 

The overwhelming pressure they took off my family and I when we needed help, is something I could never truly put into words. 

I could write for hours about how much this charity means to me and how eternally grateful I am for their support and all they do. 

Redkite are an amazing charity and I’m thankful to be able to be apart of this great challenge and help give back!

Thanks for reading, legends. 

Plenty more to come soon! 

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