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Support my Sun Up Challenge for families of children with cancer.

When a family is told their child has cancer, what they hear is “your child might die”. Every day in Australia, three families hear those words. Not every child will die, but every family who faces childhood cancer is changed forever. Cancer puts families under enormous pressure. It can feel like it’s impossible to hold it together.

That’s why I’m setting my alarm to join Redkite for the Sun Up Challenge – to help provide emotional and practical support to families facing childhood cancer.

I’ll be taking action by running, walking and rolling  this September, to raise money that will help families pay the bills, access emotional support, and more. From day one in the hospital and for as long as it takes, your help ensures that families don’t have to face their child’s cancer diagnosis alone.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to my challenge. Your generosity will make sure that Redkite can provide even more families facing childhood cancer practical and emotional support and care.

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Are you looking at me? Nice Cycling gear :)

Friday 17th Sep
Proud to be part of the SAP team helping to support families facing childhood cancer. It looks very likely I am overachieving on my 1000 km cycling goal - but what's more amazing is the fact that I have just overachieved my fundraising goal of 500 AUD by over 100% 🙏

Life is like a roller coaster - it has its up and downs

Saturday 11th Sep
Life is like a roller coaster - it has its up and downs.
I am hopeful to achieve my goal of riding 1000km in September and raising money to support families of children with cancer.
I am halfway from completing my riding goal but need your help to achieve my fundraising goal

There is always light at the end of the tunnel 😃

Wednesday 8th Sep
There is always light at the end of the tunnel 😃
A bit over 346kms done and only 654kms more to go until the end of this month in the Sun Up Challenge - so it looks like I am on target to reach my 1000km riding goal, but I do need a bit more help in reaching my fundraising goal to support families of children with cancer.

LGA Single Trail Lockdown Ride 🌸

Sunday 5th Sep
Riding single trails can sometimes be HARD but for sure "loads" of fun too 😀 especially when it is for a good cause

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Bella De Freitas

Good Luck and good on you for contributing to this very worthy cause.


Bruce Ralston

Great cause, well done Claudia!


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Karen Conrad

Awesome effort and such a wonderful opportunity to raise money. Good-luck!!!


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David Rouse

Great effort for a good cause. Nice work Claudia!!


Jocelyn Dart

Well done Claudia! Bringing some light into dark places.


Alexander Bauer

Fantastic initiative, Claudia. Great to see you are supporting such a worthy cause.


Kevin D'cunha

Great effort Claudia! Good on you for raising awareness and support of Redkite.


Jason Luo

Great initiative, "Even the mighty oak starts as a small acorn" - just another 729km to go :)


Pierre Cassano

Way to got Claudia!


Alex Honki

Awesome effort for a Good Cause!


Wayne Yee

Good Luck Claudia. Thanks for supporting such a great cause!





Hey Ho keep on GOING


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Claudia Fiess


Pierre Van Rooyen

Love the passion


Brian Orloff

Way to go Claudia! Red Kite does amazing work supporting familes and children.


Balakumar Ganesan

Supporting a great cause, Claudia! Thank you!