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Support my Sun Up Challenge for families of children with cancer.

When a family is told their child has cancer, what they hear is “your child might die”. Every day in Australia, three families hear those words. Not every child will die, but every family who faces childhood cancer is changed forever. Cancer puts families under enormous pressure. It can feel like it’s impossible to hold it together.

That’s why I’m setting my alarm to join Redkite for the Sun Up Challenge – to help provide emotional and practical support to families facing childhood cancer.

I’ll be taking action by running, walking and rolling every morning at sun up this September, to raise money that will help families pay the bills, access emotional support, and more. From day one in the hospital and for as long as it takes, your help ensures that families don’t have to face their child’s cancer diagnosis alone.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to my challenge. Your generosity will make sure that Redkite can provide even more families facing childhood cancer practical and emotional support and care.

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The Final Push - a Marathon

Thursday 30th Sep
With all the additional generous sponsorship I was sitting on my couch last night and thought I'd be a bit epic on the last day and run a marathon.
Everything on the internet said minimum 12 weeks training (not 4) and that it was foolish to try or impossible. I may not have set a record time but don't believe everything you read on the internet, it is just a bit further :) As Paul famously said after a way more epic effort, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
I didn't want to leave anything in the tank given how generous you all have been and whilst my pain is transitory, these kids and their families have a real challenge. 
A memory I referenced earlier was a precious customer deal seven years ago and today is that anniversary, with tomorrow being the anniversary of my wife's cancer diagnosis. So I'll be gracious and thankful for your support and continue to consider those who are doing it really tough at the moment.
God bless


Wednesday 29th Sep
It will come as no surprise to those who know me personally or professionally that I am quite happy striking a new path, literally and figuratively. Today I decided that going over this cliff edge to find a path to the bottom was worth the adventure... I'd say it was semi-successful, I found some new wilderness and half a path and made it back in one piece. 
In this and all trailblazing I was reminded of a few things:
a) it is fun to try new things outside the conventions
b) knowing where you are and where intend to finish is critical
c) it takes WAY longer to get anywhere
d) you will have to backtrack
e) with careful observation every attempt adds a little more knowledge, confidence and principles to the next one 

Made it to 500km!

Tuesday 28th Sep
The weather was absolutely perfect as I ran through the neighbourhood this morning - waving to the other slightly odd lycra clad people who are trying their best to stay sane with early morning exercise. It even felt pretty comfortable cruising through the 500km mark, I diverted through a little bush cliff top so it would feel a little more special than the empty streets.
What a journey it has been, so much time to think and a surprising resilience in my ageing body which hasn't been pushed hard for a while - I thought for sure something important would break by now! Perhaps the extra effort to pace myself  was worth it - with the great number of people that have supported my efforts I thought I better make sure I finished the race. 
As I'd hoped, there is now a little time for a victory lap to make sure I over-achieve, hopefully that and some nice pictures will encourage those last few people to make a difference supporting Redkite, just as you who have already backed me have done so generously - tell your friends!

Quiet reflection

Monday 27th Sep
Today the rain, the cold and some sore knees from yesterday had me walking carefully up and down the ridges and creeks. It was really quiet since no-one was braving the weather and it reminded me to think, pause and pray when I reached the city view lookout. Sometimes the action can have a momentum that precludes reflection - particularly in the rush of a quarter end, a real estate deal or even a push to the 500km goal. It was great to pause. 

When the going gets tough…

Sunday 26th Sep
It was rough getting up this morning, still and sore and a bit tired after a (weirdly solitary) AFL grand final last night. 
When I feel like this I tend to just say “okay, just get going” and then have the choice to shorten or curtail. Then a few choices later, you’re doing something difficult or amazing because of the subsequent choices. 
So really when the going gets tough, the tough get started, then they just keep making choices!

The Long Game

Friday 24th Sep
Another long run today and I was reminded that the consistent, daily discipline and the hardening of mind and body has not really been a one month process - in my work is has been a 20 year process, leaning into the fray, trusting in my colleagues and trying to find a way through to a strategic outcome together.
Strategic direction is really important and sometimes I get a bit down when I think of all the little things that are wrong both at work and personally that I wish I could solve . Zooming out though I am reminded that all these small steps are in the right direction. Every now and then I need to look at the map and be assured of the progress that we've made and where I'm going.

Borrowed time

Tuesday 21st Sep
Sadly as many of us know, facing cancer brings into clear focus our mortality and that we're all counting down to some extent. Even just ticking past 40 if we make it that far starts the inevitable downward ride to the end of the track. 
I'd always thought that doctors and nurses faced a difficult job of fending off the inevitable but I was reminded this morning, even financial planners ask people's age before their risk profile because the clock is always ticking. 
Maybe it'll be ticking even faster for a few of us today with Evergrande following in Lehmans footsteps... 

Picnics and sunshine

Monday 20th Sep
After a pretty ridiculous week it was great on the weekend to get out in the sun with the family and even get to see some friends for a picnic. Having the kids home for school holidays is also a nice break, giving us all a slightly lower stress level for a couple of weeks, even if we can't travel or go to the beach.
I went right up to Brooklyn on the weekend which felt as close to adventurous as I have for a while and even today the sun was out early making a longer run seem much more welcoming. Again thank you to those that have supported me and Redkite so far, we're in the home stretch!

Amazing support, now going for 500km!

Friday 17th Sep
Just wanted to say I am blown away at the generous support and encouragement I'm receiving as we raise money for Redkite together. Things are particularly frantic all day from these early starts - I fell asleep in front of a midnight call last night... that's twice this year - at least the camera was off this time! As difficult as it is to roll out of bed and do it again every morning I keep thinking of you who were so quick to support me. When I'm running and it is tough, I remember the kids and families who are going through a cancer journey - a much tougher road than mine at the moment.
Following some encouragement with all your support I've upped my commitment to 500km from 150km for the month, I'll find a way to get there and I'm so proud of the way you've all stepped up.

Double Down Day - donation matching

Thursday 16th Sep
There comes a time when things intensify in my quarterly driven life when we go from keeping balls alive to charging into the fray towards the try line. Sometimes we get winded and sometimes we score. 
Fortunately in our collective efforts in raising money for Redkite my body is firing, I'll drive the activity to 300% and it is helping to keep me sane!
Even better anyone who donates today (8am to 10pm) will have their donation matched by corporate sponsors for Redkite - so if you were thinking of donating, today is the day for maximum impact - thank you for all your support and encouragement!


Tuesday 14th Sep
One of the things I like to really like to do is adventure and explore, lockdown hasn't really allowed for much of that. Today I tried a different path, which was interesting but the floodwaters stopped me and I had to scale a fence to get back. But that's the whole point, pushing the boundaries, getting uncomfortable, trying new things and being ready to course correct or even retreat when things get iffy, that's part of the fun. It is very similar in some of the work I am doing and in parenting - sometimes trying to control for predictable execution isn't going to work and I need to maintain a more open mindset, exploring the edges and being ready to learn or adjust.
Also it feels great to just be so absorbed in the moment of the new when you just don't know what is coming next, but there's a reasonable chance to find a way through it. Hopefully you can find some of that to keep you engaged today.

Hitting Goals

Monday 13th Sep
Thanks to your support and encouragement we've already exceeded my donation target and I passed my fitness goal! 
Like any good executive I can tear down barns and build bigger ones.... I've already decided to overachieve at 300% for my fitness goal and I'm sure more generous support would make a greater difference for Redkite.
However I'm conscious that in most circumstances that are less light hearted we can spend years or longer working towards good, pragmatic and important goals and feel hollow when we achieve them.
The best example from my life was working for a decade to put myself in a position to work on and then close a fantastic deal for an amazing customer. I was truly dedicated, had a great team around me and we nailed it. My arms were held aloft in triumph for a fleeting moment.... before my world collapsed the next day as my wife was diagnosed with some very dangerous cancer.
Following that I always made sure I focussed more on principles rather than just goals, which has been slightly better, although I have also found that even the most diligent application of the best thought out and perfect principles does not mean things will always work out well. Our lives are subject to difficulties and frustrations and ultimately to mortal failure.
So where to from here? The best I can offer is my reflection on King Solomon asking for wisdom. Whilst he humbly asked for wisdom and was lavishly rewarded beyond his request, he fundamentally knew the relationship that defined him - whose he was and that his ultimate meaning and identity was bound up in that.  Making peace with eternity and our maker is both the beginning and the end.


Friday 10th Sep
In my long, considered walk today I reflected on today's challenges globally and the broader empathy we are showing each other. It is nice to be reminded of when things go right. We've been supporting some kids in Tanzania for. long time, both as a family and then subsequently in a coordinated way with church, all via Compassion - a great organisation that makes a wonderful difference for kids in devastating poverty ( donate if you can).
After a couple of visits from groups of church people over the years to the centre from it was very sad that things have to be restructured over there. Good governance is important.
In better news one of our sponsor kids is graduating and is now going to make his own way in the world without us - we've been with him for most of his life so it is awesome to see he will be firmly on his feet - with one last graduation gift!
We may just be funding this from the other side of the world, but a great deal of dedicated people have now made a difference in a young boy's life who has matured to a young man, knowing he is valuable and contributing to his community. Wonderful.

Not so okay day

Thursday 9th Sep
Today is R U Okay day and with what we're all experiencing, I think it is something we need to genuinely ask and answer way more often. Frankly we ought to be prepared to give and receive the answer of at least... not so much.
There has never been a time when not being okay has been more acceptable and understandable - pretty much everyone is carefully navigating their own mental health at the moment. So I'm trying to be more open, accepting, present and supportive with this situation - it is no fun but it is reality and we're in it together!

Seizing Groundhog Day

Wednesday 8th Sep
I was struck this morning as I walked and listened to a podcast on Pompeii and the Vesuvius eruption that ruined it but then created the one of the world's most famous archaeological sites. The full proverb about seizing the day: 

“Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.
(Pluck the day [for it is ripe], trusting as little as possible in tomorrow.)”

Which is really far less inspiring, particularly if the result is living on the slopes of an active volcano.
I'm going to try and re-interpret that seizing, in concert with today's circumstance which feels like every day is the same and "tomorrow" is the promise of a better, more expansive future. I want to prioritise the important rather than just urgent, the durable rather than the transient. In my case that is relationships, spiritual and mental well-being and broader community. I will keep re-thinking how my actions match those priorities and I encourage you to consider your own priorities and actions as well - encouraging and challenging each other. 


Monday 6th Sep
Thank you for all the support so far, having exceeded my fundraising goal and after a weekend of walking more than 50% of the distance goal in just 6 days. Father's Day was also an opportunity to reflect.  Blessings of family, community and even the enormous amount my father gave up in providing for me growing up and what that has meant for my life.
It is worth remembering that although we hope and expect people to make these generous decisions to support important priorities they are all costly and there is a responsibility to make the best of such sacrifices - to be the best we can and to give back in our circumstances. 
I am certainly grateful for all that have supported me and I will  majorly overachieve this distance goal as a small metaphor for my broader intention to make a difference with what I have been given.


Friday 3rd Sep
The downside of a long slow recovery run is my mind doesn't get clear and it keeps chewing - and today it was chewing on the characteristic of empathy. 
I watched a b-grade movie whilst waiting for my late call last night and the narrative for the soldier and the mercenary was that their complete lack of empathy was a superpower - at least in maximising their frag count and focusing on winning the objective (let us ignore that killing people without empathy is the sweet spot of AI controlled drones!).

What a ridiculous premise - we know that the a critical component for the honourable men and women in the military is their ability to be empathetic not only for the "civilians" they encounter but also for their "comrades" and the "enemy".  Is is a terrible position they endure on our behalf, and hence they face all kinds of trauma mentally and physically after the fact. But the best of their humanity is to be able to make life and death choices and understand the impact on those around them, including those they oppose. 
I think about political divisions and how empathy is the only way to create a positive way forward. About empathy in leadership, where it is lacking in organisations and nationally and how that leadership flounders and fails as a consequence.
Overwhelming empathy is one of the prime characteristics of Jesus, it is the very best of us and should be aspirational and admired.  It truly is a superpower.

Appreciating each other

Thursday 2nd Sep
Sometimes I feel like every where I look there is a problem or a crisis. From the big problems like climate change, war, poverty and a pandemic to businesses needing to radically change, deals falling over and people struggling with the daily grind.

I know my brain focuses on those issues and keeps cycling over and over trying to find a better way - that can be helpful but also exhausting, especially when there isn't necessarily a viable solution that I can influence.

I was reminded this morning before I ran that during this crisis we welcomed a wonderful little dog to our family - Maggie. She is friendly and loving, mischievous and only obeys sometimes... so I guess she fits right in. She is always excited and appreciates seeing her family, other people or dogs and wants to engage with them.

Being at home has meant more time with the family and plenty of time for random hugs and appreciation - I will try and do more of it.

Sunlight in anxious times

Wednesday 1st Sep
Amongst the many work calls last night I had a great seminar with Dr Coulson through Anna's school on "Anxiety in your child" for parents to work through strategies to help our kids. 
Really helpful, even from my rudimentary understanding of these complex areas where Tanya takes the lead. I'll be trying to help them via an Explore / Explain / Empower framework going forward. 
To get up early on minimal sleep and run was hard, but the opening of the day, getting the body moving and the sun coming up really has improved my outlook this morning. 

And coffee and the daily walking chat with a Jon - that is really helping to keep us both alive.

Now time for a moment of prayer and then let's get some deals moving!

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